About the project

The Monitoring of Ukraine’s Accession Into the EU project is implemented by the team of Liberte, the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consulting and Bendukidze Free Market Center, and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The goal of the project is to create and update on a monthly basis an understandable and visual monitoring tool for analysing Ukraine’s accession path in the following areas:

  • Rule of Law;
  • Free movement of goods, and the customs;
  • Digital transformation;
  • Social policy and employment;
  • Entrepreneurship and industrial policy;
  • Transport.

Features of our research:

  1. Focus on the acquis, namely on the extent to which Ukraine meets the requirements of the EU acquis, and not the Association Agreement requirements. The results of this monitoring can be used during accession negotiations by the governments of Ukraine and the EU;
  2. Emphasis on implementation: we monitor not only existing and potential legislation, but also the progress of implementation. While analysis of the legislative framework is an important component of our research, we also consider agenda setting (what steps are being discussed and/or developed) and the state of implementation of relevant laws, ensuring a more realistic assessment of Ukraine’s integration progress;
  3. Monthly monitoring: other topic-related research projects tend to operate on a quarterly or annual basis. Monthly monitoring of the legislative framework, agenda setting and implementation provides more timely and up-to-date information, allowing for a more in-depth look into Ukraine’s integration and monitoring of the pace of changes;
  4. Compliance with European values: we take into account not only the formal requirements for joining the EU, but also the extent to which recent relevant developments in Ukraine correspond to European values in general;

Clear and visual data: we are committed to presenting data in a clear and visual manner, making it easy to track and comprehend.